Rent & Charges of Guru-Ganga Old Age Home Dakshineswar Kolkata

Rent & Charges of Guru-Ganga Old Age Home Dakshineswar Kolkata
There are two schemes available for the people who want to live here and they are (1) With Advance Scheme and (2) No Donation / Advance Scheme.

Scheme-1: With Advance – Peoples can choose either Single Room (one bed room) or Dormitory Rooms (2/3 bedded rooms) by paying a nominal Advance Amount. The Monthly charges for both 1-bedded and 2/3-bedded rooms are same and only Advance amount varies.
Single Bedded Room Advance Amount – Rs.50,000/- (Fifty Thousands only).
2/3 Bedded Room Advance Amount – Rs.25,000/- (Twenty-five Thousands only).
The monthly rental charge in this scheme is Rs.3000/- (Three Thousands only) per month. But, as per the rule of Guru-Ganga, we are going to repay you Rs.500/- (Five Hundred only) per month for the purpose of repayment of your advanced amount. So, till the time your Advance Amount not become Rs.0/- (Zero); you need to pay only Rs.2500/- (Two Thousands Five Hundred only) per month as Monthly rental charge. Also, for the 1st month we don’t take the Advance Amount from the candidate because we offer first 30-days to the Candidate to check whether Guru-Ganga is the best place to live or not and so for the first month we charge Rs.3500/- (Three Thousand Five Hundred) as Monthly Rent. In-case, the candidate leaves or died before the full repayment, then Rs.5000/- (Five Thousands) will be deducted from the advanced amount and rest of the advanced amount will be paid to the guardian @500/- (Five Hundred Only) per month.

Scheme-2: No Donation / Advance Scheme – No Advance money requires for living at Guru-Ganga, but in this scheme Candidate can’t get Single Rooms. The Monthly Rent Charges will be Rs.3500/- (Three Thousands Five Hundred) per month.

Other Optional Facility & Charges of Guru-Ganga Old Age Home Dakshineswar:
• One of these 2 Option will be applicable as per you choice for Increment:
1 : Monthly Charge should be Increase @ 20 % after 5 Years.
2 : After Full repayment of Advance, candidate should give the Advance again & so on.
Attendance available for Candidates as per Ayah Centre Rate + Rs.10/- per 12-hours.
Room Service: Old Home Staff will serve the Meal in front of the candidate six times every day only @ Rs.300/- per Month.
• Candidate may take our Washing facility only @ Rs.200/- per Month or may do on their own.

Mandatory Charge required - Rs.200/- per Month would be charged as Electric Charge for Using Television/Heater/Iron inside the Room.

For further clarification of Guru-Ganga Old Age Home Dakshineswar Charges please email us or call us (+91-33-25645675 between 10am-1pm and 5pm-9pm).

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All Glory to Thakur Sri Sri Bhajan Brahmachari Baba - Guru Ganga (Sri Sri Lokenath Bridhyasram) is an Old Age Home located in Dakshineswar (North Kolkata, W.B., India) - Shelter for all.
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