Janmastami & Janmotsav 2012 Schedule at Guru-Ganga Dakshineswar Kolkata

The day of Sri Krishna’s birth (Janmastami), Our Guruji Bhajan Baba’s Janmotsav & Lokenath Baba’s Abirbhab Tithi will be celebrated at Guru-Ganga Old Age Home Dakshineswar (Kolkata) campus like every year. You along with your family are cordially invited to attend the celebration of Sri Krishna Janmastami & Thakur’s Janmotsav.

  • 9th August 2012 (Thursday – 24th Srabon 1419) – Day time – Thakur Sri Sri Bhajan Brahmachari Baba’s Birthday Celebration [Janmotsav].
  • 9th August 2012 (Thursday – 24th Srabon 1419) – Evening – Sri Krishna Birthday [Sri Krishna Janmastami].
  • 10th August 2012 (Friday – 25th Srabon 1419) – Day time – Nandotsav & Sri Sri Lokenath Baba’s Janmotsav.

9th August 2012 around 10am, the Guru Puja will begin and the Janmotsav of Thakur Sri Sri Bhajan Brahmachari Baba will be celebrated. In the noon time, devotees & disciples will have their Bhog-Prasad. In the evening, the Janmastami Puja will take place.

10th August 2012 around 10am, the puja of Baba Lokenath will began followed by Nandotsav. Baba Lokenath’s Abirbhab Tithi is on 10th August 2012, thus Lokenath Baba’s puja will happen and then Nandotsav. Nandotsav is the celebration that was done by Nanda Raja after getting the news of Krishna’s birth. Since then, next day of Janmastami people celebrate the birth of Sri Krishna. Sweets, Curd (Doi), Taal er Bora, Taal er Kheer, Taal er Malpoa and many other foods that Sri Krishna loved, will be prepared on Nandotsav. A special song ‘Taal er bora khaiya Nando nachite lagilo’ written only for Nandotsav.
  • Venue of Janmastami & Janmotsav: - Guru Ganga, 15 Chunilal Banerjee Road, Dakshineswar, Near Lottery Bari, Kolkata-57 [Phone number: 033-2564-5675].

Your presence will make us feel good.
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