Purnima Puja Dates in 2013-2014 – 1420 Bengali Panjika Purnima Dates

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You must be looking for the dates of Purnima Puja in 1420 Bengali year (it means 2013 & 2014 English Calendar year). Here you will find out the Purnima Dates of 1420 (2013 / 2014) as per Bengali Panjika 1420 (Benimadhab Sil Bangla Panjika). Without wasting much time, let’s check out the 2013-2014 Purnima Dates (as per Bengali Panjika 1420) below.

Narayan Purnima Puja Dates in 1420 Bengali Panjika [2013-2014 Year]
  • 11th Baisakh 1420 (25th April 2013) is the Purnima Date in April 2013 month and it’s a date of Chandra Grahan.
  • 10th Jaisthya 1420 (25th May 2013) is Buddha Purnima puja date. Those who are looking for Buddha Purnima date of 2013 should memorize that Buddha Purnima is on 25th May 2013.
  • 2nd Ashar 1420 (23rd June 2013) is Purnima Puja date of June 2013 month.
  • 5th Srabon 1420 (22nd July 2013) – Purnima Puja date of 2013 July month. Guru Purnima is on 22nd July 2013.
  • 3rd Bhadro 1420 (20th August 2013) – Purnima Puja date of 2013 August month. Rakhi Purnima is on 21st August 2013 – Raksha Bandhan date.
  • 2nd Aashin 1420 (19th September 2013) – Purnima Puja date of 2013 September month.
  • 31st Aaswin 1420 (18th October 2013) – Purnima Puja date of 2013 October month. Those who are looking for Kojagori Laxmi Puja date of 2013; here it is. The Kojagori Lakshmi Puja is on 18th October 2013 (after Durga Puja).
  • 1st Agrahan 1420 (17th November 2013) – Purnima Puja date of 2013 November month.
  • 1st Poush 1420 (17th December 2013) – Purnima Puja date of 2013 December month.
  • 2nd Magh 1420 (16th January 2014) – Purnima Puja date of 2014 January month.
  • 1st Falgun 1420 (14th February 2014) – Purnima Puja date of 2014 February month.
  • 1st Chaitro 1420 (16th March 2014) – Purnima Puja date of 2014 March month. 16th March 2014 is the Dol Purnima (Holi).

Note: All these above mentioned dates as per Benimadhab Sil Bengali Panjika 1420 and the Purnima Timings may start on previous date & may continue till next date. Please check more details on your own.

Each & every Purnima (Narayan) Puja will be organized at Guru-Ganga and you all are welcomed to attend & to take ‘Sinni Prasad’. Apart from Purnima (Narayan) Puja, Guru Ganga does organize ‘Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrito Session’ on every Tuesday evening and ‘Bhajan Gaan’ on every Thursday evening.

If you are looking for the marriage dates of 2013-2014 as per 1420 Bengali Panjika then please check Bengali Panjika 1420 Marriage Dates.
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