2011 Purnima & Narayan Puja Dates

Purnima & Narayan Puja Dates in 2011
Purnima Narayan Puja PhotoHere are the upcoming dates of Purnima Puja, which will be arranged at Guru-Ganga Old Age Home in the evening through Guru Puja, Sri Satya Narayan Puja, Bhakti Sangeet and Sinni Prasad serving program.
  • Purnima & Narayan Puja Date in August 2011 – 13th August 2011 (Rakhi Purnima).
  • Purnima & Narayan Puja Date in September 2011 – 12th September 2011 (25 Bhadra 1418) Monday.
  • Purnima & Narayan Puja Date in October 2011 – 11th October 2011 (23 Aswin 1418) Tuesday.
  • Purnima & Narayan Puja Date in November 2011 – 10th November 2011 (23 Kartik 1418) Thursday (Guru Nanak Birthday as well).
  • Purnima & Narayan Puja Date in December 2011 – 10th December 2011 (23 Agrahayan 1418) Saturday.
  • Purnima & Narayan Puja Date in January 2012 – 9th January 2012 (24 Pous 1418) Monday.

Note: Each Thursday at 7pm Guru Puja & Bhakti Sangeet happens and each Tuesday at 7pm Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrito Path happens at Guru-Ganga Old Age Home, Dakshineswar.
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