Kalpataru Utsav Guru-Ganga Dakshineswar - Thakur Sri Bhajan Bramhachari Baba

It is said that the Almighty fulfils all the wishes and prayers of every individual on the day of Kalpataru. Our Guruji Thakur Sri Sri Bhajan Bramhachari Baba’s Kalpataru Utsav was started at Guru-Ganga Old Home in Dakshineswar from the year 1996 with the earnest assistance of Sri Sukumar Bhattacharjee. After the demise of Saint Thakur Sri Sri Bhajan Bramhachari in the year 1992 Sri Sukumar Bhattacharjee started this Kalpataru Utsav of Saint Bhajan Baba in 1996 in Dakshineswar.

The Kalpataru Utsav of Thakur Sri Sri Bhajan Bramhachari Baba in Dakshineswar is celebrated throughout the day. Plethora of programs is arranged on this day to commemorate the event. The occasion begins with the ‘Guru Puja’. Then the program of ‘Sadhu Prabochon’ starts. Usually 15-20 saints coming from different ashrams to join this occasion and make it unforgettable one by delivering saintly and spiritual speeches and suggestions to common people. The next phase in this event (Kalpataru Utsav) is the ‘Sadhu Bhandara’. ‘Sadhu Bhandara’ means taking care of those saints and donating them several articles including money, clothes, food etc. After this the ‘Noro Narayan Seva’ comes into picture where children are brought from Adyapeath. Then the necessary arrangements of lunch are made for others to have food. A cultural program consists of music, dance, drama, recitation etc is arranged in the evening.

Every year in 9th February this Bhajan Baba’s Kalpataru Utsav is celebrated at Guru-Ganga in Dakshineswar. All of you are cordially invited to join this occasion. To know the program schedule or any other information of Kalpataru Utsav at Guru-Ganga in Dakshineswar do call at the number +91-9830077714.

Note: Buy Bhog Coupons from the Guru-Ganga Counter on Kalpataru Utsav by 12:30pm for Lunch (bhog prasad).
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All Glory to Thakur Sri Sri Bhajan Brahmachari Baba - Guru Ganga (Sri Sri Lokenath Bridhyasram) is an Old Age Home located in Dakshineswar (North Kolkata, W.B., India) - Shelter for all.
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